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Robin W. Pearson’s debut novel is a multi-faceted tale that will have readers turning it one way and another to get the best glimpses of its many lessons and messages. There are the mother-daughter relationships throughout as three generations of women struggle to come to terms with their lives and decisions. The discussion about what betrayal looks like within marriage and families. There is forgiveness to consider, as well. And our deep hurts and childhood traumas. All wrapped up in the story of Beatrice Agnew, the family matriarch, who has lived life on her own terms and has vowed to die on her own terms as well.

Granddaughter Evelyn Lester appears on Granny B’s doorstep, determined to help her (which mostly means getting Granny B to see things the family’s way) but carrying her own burdens that threaten to derail her. The novel moves back and forth in time as it reveals the layered secrets held tight by Granny B that have threatened her family and her own peace. The story also moves between characters and their stories, all blending to offer an entertaining and thought-provoking read.

Readers will cry, laugh, sigh wistfully, and even rage a little at this moving story. A Long Time Comin’ is a wonderful tale of love, family, secrets, relationships, and forgiveness that will teach us all how to live well in the midst of real life. (Tyndale)

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