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At any given moment, there are members of the Christian Reformed Church in North America who are praying. They pray on their own during private, personal devotions. They pray as families around the dinner table. They pray in their church, with their Bible study group, in the Christian school classroom, and in many other places.

 And the content of their prayers is vast. The CRCNA’s praying people bring to the Lord not only the needs and desires in their lives and communities, but they also pray for their nations, their political leaders, people in need around the world, and much more.

To equip you in your prayer life, the CRCNA provides several prayer resources. The Network ( is a website where Christian Reformed people can connect and discuss all kinds of ministry topics. The “Prayer” section on the site allows you to connect with prayer coordinators from across the denomination. There are also numerous resources and suggestions for improving your prayer life.

Another great tool for your prayers is the CRCNA Prayer Guide. The monthly Prayer Guide gathers prayer requests from across the many ministries of the denomination. It is available online at, and you can sign up on that webpage to have the Prayer Guide sent right to your email on a daily or weekly basis.

Churches in Canada who are using the Bridge App ( can also receive prayer requests from their local congregation and the full denomination on their mobile phones.

“The technology keeps changing, but the needs of the church remain,” said Paul Faber, a CRCNA staff member who served as part of a team that recorded prayer requests to a toll-free prayer phone number (now defunct). “While we no longer record prayer requests or print and distribute a paper prayer guide, we continue to want to spread joys and concerns of our shared ministries to all who are willing to pray.” Today email, websites, and mobile apps continue to make that possible.

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