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T.I. Lowe follows her bestselling Under the Magnolias with a new tale set on the South Carolina coast. Fans won’t be disappointed as they embark on a life-changing journey with Sonny Bates, who left the region (and her family) 15 years ago and is now back as a location scout for an upcoming movie. 

Sonny finds more than a film location. She discovers a private barrier island on her search, wandering into the life and home of the infamous monster of Indigo Isle. Sonny is drawn to the reclusive Hudson Renfrow and he, surprisingly, to her. Tentatively they begin a friendship that changes both of their lives.

Hudson begins to face his tragic past and work through his grief, while Sonny must face her shame at the way she left her family and the shame she feels as she acquiesces to the demands of producer Whit Kessler. Whit demands much both on and off the job. Each time she agrees, the shame and her inability to move forward sets her back even more. 

But Sonny isn’t alone as she struggles to find herself. Her friend Vee, the movie’s makeup artist, and Erlene, manager of the Creek View Inn, are urging Sonny to escape the clutches of Whit and reclaim herself. Hudson helps Sonny even as she helps him move out of the past and into a present that promises much. 

Readers will cheer for Sonny right from the start—crying when she cries after a terrible night, trembling with her as she reaches out slowly to her estranged sisters and mom, and hoping against hope as she and Hudson grow closer. 

Lowe doesn’t disappoint with Indigo Isle. This is an entertaining, thought-provoking, satisfying tale that reveals the struggles we all face and the barriers we must overcome to live the life God wants us to live—a life of joy amid the storms, love amid the labor of living. (Tyndale)

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