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A young girl and her mother live in a homeless shelter for women and children while her dad lives in a nearby shelter for men. Despite their circumstances, the girl knows they are still a family.

The girl describes her difficult experiences at the shelter—sleeping on a cot in a room filled with strangers, missing her quiet room in her former home, and longing for her dad to tuck her in at night. But she’s happy because her family is reunited in a park. There they play games, sniff flowers, pet other people’s animals, and enjoy each other’s company. They also share meals together at a soup kitchen. Ultimately, the girl finds her true home with her parents.

This children's picture book, illustrated by Jo-Shin Lee, shares the plight of millions of children in the world who experience homelessness. Author’s notes give useful tips for ways readers can help. Christian parents can find in this book a sensitive and compassionate resource to introduce their children to the plight of homeless people. The book can also be a springboard for talking about how God cares for people in need and calls us to serve them, each in our own way. (Albert Whitman & Co)

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