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Four years have passed since a young couple, Hector and Lilia, illegally crossed from Mexico into the United States. Hector went first. Lilia followed a while later with their infant daughter, Alejandra. Tragically, mother and child were separated. Though Hector and Lilia searched for Alejandra, they were unable to find her. In order to survive, they worked on a farm in South Carolina but were eventually deported back to Mexico.

Back in their native village, Alejandra’s disappearance continues to haunt Hector and Lilia. They are parents of a young boy and are expecting another child, but they continue to pray to God for Alejandra’s safety and never stop longing for her.

When an unexpected clue to Alejandra’s possible whereabouts surfaces, Hector goes in search of her while Lilia remains at home in the care of a neighbor to await her baby’s birth. Hector’s travels expose him to violence, corruption, and injustice. He begins to understand the lengths to which desperate people—including himself—will go to secure their deepest longings.

In this emotionally gripping novel, author Michel Stone reveals the trials and tragedies of a poor couple longing for a better life for their children. She shows that compassion, community, beauty, love, and faith are not dependent on wealth and prosperity but can thrive in the harshest of circumstances. (Nan A. Talese)

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