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Students Reflect on Today Through Photography

‘Still’ reflection and photo by Ainsley Mick from the Dec 16, 2023, Today devotional

“Just as the noise and busyness with which we fill our lives disrupts our peace and stillness, so the ripples of the water disrupt the perfect reflection of the trees. Animals, boats, and people will come and interrupt the stillness. But even when the water is not perfectly calm, eventually it always settles and becomes still again.”

In response to this photo, an online Today reader named Angelica shared, “So much is going on in my life I just have to know to be still and hear God's voice and know he is in control. I enjoy wonderful pictures like this—it gives me peace.”

For the past few years, high school students in Susan Van Geest’s art class have found a way to share what they’ve learned in the Today devotional by using photography.

Every week, you’ll find Van Geest’s students at Avail Academy in Edina, Minn., outside taking pictures.

“Using photography,” Van Geest said, “students seek and capture the beauty around them as a way to open their eyes to the abundance of God’s beauty.”

For a special assignment, Van Geest’s class partnered with Today, the daily devotional produced by ReFrame Ministries, the media ministry of the Christian Reformed Church and read by almost half a million people every day.

At the end of 2023, Van Geest challenged her students to read the December devotional series “God with Us,” written by Joe Huizenga, pastor and executive director of Roseland Christian Ministries in Chicago. In the introduction to the series, Huizenga invited readers to “slow down and reflect on how the love of God in Christ Jesus being lived out in the neighborhoods and communities that you are a part of.”

With this challenge in mind, students photographed what they saw and then wrote reflections about how their everyday lives intersected with the devotions.

“I learned how to connect and be covered in God’s beauty,” said student Sophia Kruger. “I’m surrounded, I’m drowning in the glory of God at all times. I just have to open my eyes.”

You can find several of the reflections and a video about the project at

“As you look at the photographs and read the reflections,” said Today managing editor Jeff Bulthuis, “I hope you are encouraged by how young people in our Today community are engaging with God’s Word. I hope their reflections and faith inspire you as you interact with God’s Word this year.”

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