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“There is good news, there is good truth, that you could never change, no matter what you do. You are loved more than you know, more than you could hope for, after everything you’ve done.” These are the words that open Ellie Holcomb’s beautiful first full-length solo album, As Sure as the Sun. I found myself listening to this song over and over in the first few days after getting this album. I soon realized that even though “As Sure as the Sun” is a wonderful song, it is not the only great song on the album. Holcomb has woven together 11 Scripture-inspired songs that focus on grace and the fact that God knows us for who we are but loves us anyway.

In “Love Never Fails,” Holcomb pairs lyrics based on 1 Corinthians 13 with a light, poppy melody. “Love Broke Through” uses the language of the Psalms (“To you, O Lord, my heart cried for mercy”). But as with the Psalms, lament turns to trust when she sings, “hope has been renewed ’cause there in the darkness love broke through.”

This album has so many memorable and quote-worthy moments one hardly knows where to begin. It will nourish and encourage you.

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