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Caroline Cobb is no stranger to Scripture-inspired songs. On her 29th birthday, she set a goal for herself to write a song about every book in the Bible in the next year. That process gave Cobb an insight into delving into Scripture, one that has blossomed into a wonderful new album about Psalms. Based loosely on the A.C.T.S. prayer model (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) or the form of a worship service, Psalms: The Poetry of Prayer includes songs that speak to the wide range of emotions within the book of Psalms, such as trust, joy, lament, and confession. 

The songs use biblical imagery as well as contemporary language to express the heart of each Psalm. In “Have Mercy,” for example, her setting of Psalm 51, she uses phrases directly out of the Psalm: “restore to me the joy of my salvation” and “a broken and contrite heart you won’t turn away.” The direct use of the language of the Psalm in this case invites listeners to reflect on the familiar text while the careful melody and arrangement gives us the space to do it.

Cobb shares vocals on a few songs, which adds additional colors to her musical pallet. The arrangements have lots of space in them, allowing us to focus on each instrument while always pointing to the text. This album is one that can be appreciated on first listen but will invite you back again and again to bask in the simple beauty of the text and the music. (Bandcamp)

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