The Inconsolable Secret by Glass Hammer

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Glass Hammer is a progressive rock band in the mold of Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. One would expect, then, to hear instrumental virtuosity, long multi-part songs, and lyrics that address the big questions of life. What sets Glass Hammer apart is that these lyrics are often inspired by the work of writers like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

The band recently revisited their epic double CD The Inconsolable Secret, re-recording and remixing more than half of the nearly two-hour piece, adding new instruments and vocals so that it better matches the vision they had when they conceived this work in 2005. Based on a 19,000-word epic poem by group member Steve Babb, this tale of a King fighting off the evil Knight of the North to save his daughter is a clear Christian allegory. The Deluxe Edition, which contains both the original and remixed music, is a fascinating and enjoyable musical experience. (Sound Resources/BMI)

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Robert J. Keeley is professor of education at Calvin College and director of distance learning at Calvin Seminary.