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In school if you had a question, you’d raise your hand to get an answer. But what if you have a question about serving in ministry at your church? What would you do? Where would you go?

The Network is the place to find answers, resources, and ideas for serving in your church. You can connect with other worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, administrators, tech people, youth leaders, and more.

Here’s a little math quiz:

There are about 1,000 Christian Reformed churches. If you are a Sunday school teacher, how many of your fellow teachers can you potentially connect with and learn from about Sunday school ministry?

The answer is easy—just estimate how many there are per church and multiply by 1,000. That’s a lot of teachers to help answer your question!

But it’s not just for Sunday school teachers. The Network can help you connect with thousands of other CRC members who are serving in a variety of ministry roles. That’s thousands of pastors, elders, deacons, church librarians, ministry coordinators, small group leaders, sound technicians, and more.

The Network offers three unique ways to help you in ministry:

  • Blogs and discussion forums dive into compelling topics such as guns at church and how the coffee you serve at church reflects your church’s DNA.
  • Ministry Q&A lets you ask specific questions and get the answers you need. Currently there are over 300 questions with over 1,000 responses from helpful people on topics ranging from church building dedications to combining youth groups to gluten-free bread.
  • Webinars are free, hour-long online learning events that provide practical training on various ministry essentials. Sit down with an expert and listen, take notes, and ask questions.

So the next time you have a question; raise your hand a new way. Log onto to find the answers, resources, and ideas you need for serving in your church. Learn, share, and connect with thousands of others serving in ministry.

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