So Beautiful or So What by by Paul Simon

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At almost 70 years of age, the iconic Paul Simon returns with So Beautiful or So What. Reminiscent of his world music classic Graceland, this new release is filled with international influences. A dominant theme emerges for the aging storyteller. Three of the song titles contain the word “love,” and most of the others consider its many manifestations. “Getting Ready for Christmas Day” includes a haunting background sample: a 1941 sermon from black gospel singer and Christian preacher Rev. J.M. Gates.(Hear Music)

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Robert N. Hosack is Executive Editor for Baker Publishing Group, and he is a member of Church of the Servant CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich.

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Just love "The Afterlife", with "you got to fill out the form first, and then you wait in the line"; sounds like retirement; paying up for years then "filling out the form" to get the "benefits" of getting old...
A great album from a great artist!