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Lesha worked as a prostitute in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Like many young women in her country, Lesha (not her real name) saw this as her only way out of poverty.

Lesha and her mentor, Mama.

One day, she heard a woman named Charlotte Mpindi talking on the radio. Something about the message, offering hope as well as direction, kept bringing Lesha back to the weekly broadcast.

She eventually decided to visit the ministry center in Kinshasa that produced the program. There she met Mama Pasteur Francoise, the women’s discipleship coordinator for the French-language outreach of Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI).

Mama Francoise took the time to speak with Lesha about her life, the Bible, and salvation in Jesus Christ. Listening, Lesha felt the Holy Spirit moving in her heart, and she ended up giving her life to the Lord.

Although everyone knew her as an outcast and a prostitute, Lesha was committed to leaving prostitution. With Mama Francoise’s help, Lesha joined a church where members welcomed her, loved her with Christ’s love, and helped her grow in faith. They stood by her as she left her old life and underwent a transformation.

Lesha recently reported to the Kinshasa staff that a new life awaits her. She is engaged to be married to a Christian young man who loves her with a godly love.

With the assistance of the Christian Reformed Church’s Ministry Shares program and through other avenues of support, BTGMI continues to help people like Lesha experience hope and a new life through the power of the gospel.

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