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The Foundation of the Christian Reformed Church and the CRC-Canada Foundation provide an avenue for gifts and bequests in support of the ministry work of the denomination.

The Foundations help to fund areas of ministry that are broader than any single agency and that benefit the whole church. They also assist agencies in the development of new ministries.

The CRC Foundation was established in 1996. It makes grants to the agencies of the church for projects that have a denominational impact within the framework of the strategic ministry plan. A high priority is placed on projects that address current ministry needs and have a broad impact.

Foundation board members are James Strikwerda, president; John Vander Ploeg; Delvin Huizenga; Gail Jansen; Jane Vander Haagen; Peter Borgdorff; and John Bolt. R. Jack and Rosemary DeVos are part-time directors.

The Foundation board meets twice a year to approve grants. Its investment advisory committee is responsible for the investment of all denominational funds in compliance with synodical guidelines. The CRC Foundation is a member of the Barnabas Foundation.

The CRC-Canada Foundation was established in October 2003 as a federally registered charitable institution that provides an avenue for bequests and gifts from Canadian donors. Directors are Arnie Melissen, chairman; Hessel Kielstra; Leo Van Tuyl; Harry Voortman; Peter Borgdorff; and John Bolt.

Your gift to these foundations can give life to new ministry projects that honor God and advance the kingdom.

CRC Foundation
R. Jack and Rosemary DeVos
616-224-0769 or 616-798-0737

CRC-Canada Foundation
Peter Borgdorff

Quick Facts

This past year, Foundation grants were given for

  • classis renewal ministry teams.

  • funding for several Partners Worldwide projects.

  • start-up funds for establishing the Association of Christian Reformed Educators.

  • funding for leadership training, theological formation, and establishing a national structure for a national Reformed church in Sierra Leone.

  • a church financial resource manual.

  • a vehicle for work in Nicaragua.

  • the “Haiti for Christ” initiative.

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