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The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) Foundation provides financial resources for CRC ministries and programs that contribute to the implementation of the denominational ministries plan. In doing so, the foundation encourages generosity and stewardship on behalf of these ministries.

The CRC Foundation has both U.S. and Canada boards to allow tax-deductible charitable giving in either country. The boards typically meet three times per year and are composed of a majority of members of the CRCNA Board of Trustees, as well as at-large members who are nominated by the foundation boards and approved by the Board of Trustees.

The CRC Foundation has three objectives:

  • to strengthen the ministries of the CRCNA agencies and institutions. By working in partnership, the foundation aims to add resources rather than compete for charitable gifts.

  • to seek financial support for initiatives of the CRCNA that are outside the mandates of denominational agencies. The foundation may partner with a denominational agency to develop financial resources, but the goal is to seek charitable gifts for programs that are initiated on behalf of the denomination as a whole.

  • to provide financial resources that encourage new ideas and programs not funded through budgets of synod, classis, or agencies. These funds serve as start-up resources to encourage people who have new visions for ministry. In this role, the foundation receives gifts from estates and individuals who desire to provide flexibility to the leadership of the CRCNA as to type and timing of programs funded.

For information on the CRC Foundation, contact:

Peter Harkema, Director of Denominational Advancement

616 224-5899


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