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Sometimes things that begin with the best of intentions can go terribly wrong. In Canada we see this in the residential school issue. Decades ago, aboriginal children were removed from their families and communities and placed in residential schools. The intent was that the kids would get a good education and be prepared to fit into Canadian society.

Tragically, these schools became places of sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse for many. Aboriginal culture was deemed inferior, so attempts were made to remove it from students’ hearts and minds. Graduates emerged confused and wounded.

Most of the residential schools were run by Christian denominations. These churches are now apologizing and seeking to make amends. May there be true reconciliation and deep healing.

The Urban Aboriginal Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church seek to contribute to this healing and reconciliation. With hospitality, spiritual guidance, and encouragement, we model how the gospel and culture can be sensitively contextualized.

In the name of Christ we seek a better tomorrow.

Contact info:

Rev. Bruce Adema, director
905.336.2920 or 800.730.3490

Quick Facts

  • The CRC’s Urban Aboriginal Ministry centers are in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Regina, Saskatchewan; and Edmonton, Alberta.
  • The Canadian ministry staff is looking at other places in Canada where such ministries could be of benefit.
  • The Committee for Contact with the Government (CCG) has made justice for aboriginal people a major part of its study and advocacy ministry.

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