Building Fellowship by Sharing a Building

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When two congregations in Tualatin, Ore., decided to share one building, they practiced good stewardship but found deepened fellowship as well.

In 2008, Rev. Greg Miller and his Baptist congregation, Creekside Bible Church, moved into the church building of Christ Community Christian Reformed Church, a congregation led by Rev. Virgil Michael.

The congregations’ first shared vacation Bible school went well. Youth group discussions were stimulated by Chad Harms, a member of the Baptist congregation.

A program for young girls and a women’s Bible study became more viable with twice as many people to draw on. Since this summer, the two pastors have been meeting every Sunday morning for prayer.

Both pastors say their success is due to more focus on the local church and less focus on their denominations. Both pastors say they respect the other’s theology.

Michael admits that one family left, saying, “You’re too loosey-goosey.” But Miller said, “We’ve tried to teach our people to be kingdom-focused.”

Michael agreed that the point is to “promote the kingdom of God.”

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