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The Christian Reformed Church and its members live and serve in Canada and the United States. Canadian Ministries are the CRC’s response to opportunities to serve the Lord in a uniquely Canadian context. This includes contact with the Canadian government, ministry among Canada’s aboriginal community, and volunteer placement services.

What’s New

For many years the CRC has reached out to aboriginal people living in Canadian cities. Ministry centers in Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg offer pastoral counseling and prayer times. They also engage in innovative projects like providing bikes for native kids, conducting “cultural camps” where First Nations heritage is celebrated and filtered through a Christian lens, and conducting court-mandated classes for men convicted of soliciting prostitutes.

A new Aboriginal Ministry Committee will soon begin encouraging congregations and classes in Canada to consider the needs of aboriginal people and to bless them in the name of Christ. In order to grasp opportunities for healing, we need to understand the complexities of the forgotten or broken treaties that often form a barrier between the native community and the rest of Canadian society. We will continue to work toward reconciliation and redemption.

Bruce Adema, director

Quick Facts

  • The bicycle distribution program of the Indian and Metis Christian Fellowship center in Regina gave away 272 bicycles last year.
  • The Committee for Contact with the Government (CCG) works with Members of Parliament, civil servants, ecumenical groups, and coalitions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to present Jesus’ message of shalom on issues of international food security, pluralism and human rights, and economic justice.
  • ServiceLink placed 434 volunteers who contributed a total of 72,939 hours of work to the CRC and its agencies during the past year.

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