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In Memoriam: Rev. Yong Kyu (Peter) Shin (1942-2020)

In Memoriam: Rev. Yong Kyu (Peter) Shin (1942-2020)
Visionary pastor and mentor Rev. Yong Kyu Shin, who devoted his life to preaching, teaching, and mission-focused life, died March 12. He was 78.

Rev. Shin, who was a visionary pastor and mentor, devoted his life to preaching, teaching, and being mission-focused in expanding God’s kingdom. He died March 12 at age 78.

Shin graduated from Seoul University in the late 1960s and in 1977 graduated from KoRyo Seminary. After graduating, he came to North America where he continued studies while ministering in immigrant churches in the U.S. and Canada.

Over 21 years, he served as a Christian Reformed pastor at the Korean Church of Orange County in Westminster, Calif., until his retirement in 2007, due to a stroke.

Shin also served as a mentor for many Korean-American pastors in the CRCNA. Even after retirement and a long illness, with his dedicated wife's care, he remained a respected pastor and role model to friends and young pastors.

A longtime friend, Rev. SeungWon Yoon, retired/emeritus pastor from Orange Han Min CRC in Anaheim, Calif., said, “I am so proud that I have a very faithful pastor friend like Shin. He was a faithful person to the Lord as well as others ... even (in) hard times of ministry ."

A person of bold Reformed faith, Shin served in many different organizations on the board of trustees, including Global Partner missionaries, Milal Mission (i.e., disability ministries), Mental Health Family Mission and Evangelia University in Anaheim, Calif.

Shin will be well remembered as a faithful servant of God. He is survived by his dedicated wife Unsil Shin; four children and their spouses; and 10 grandchildren.

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