Banner Staff Changes

Banner Staff Changes
Kristy Quist (left) and Judy Hardy with mock Banner cover plaques, farewell gifts from fellow Banner staff.
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This spring The Banner is saying goodbye to two longtime staff members and editorial contributors Judy Hardy and Kristy Quist. Hardy, the magazine’s associate editor, began working with Faith Alive, the former publishing division of the Christian Reformed Church, in 1992.

She had a hand in most curriculum projects, according to her (former) colleagues Pat Nederveld and Ruth Vanderhart. And she edited many books and Bible studies for teens and adults.

Hardy joined Banner staff in 2011. She has worked under three editors-in-chief. “Judy was the anchor and glue of our editorial team, as she edited and oversaw every section in the magazine,” said Shiao Chong, editor-in-chief. “She made everyone’s writing better. And we will miss her.”

Hardy will retire from her position at the end of May. “I’ve loved being part of the Banner team, connecting with writers and readers. And now I’m excited about figuring out what retirement looks like,” she said.

Quist has served as Mixed Media (formerly Tuned In) editor since 2006. She is leaving her position March 22 to start a new business with her husband and pursue her personal writing.

“Kristy’s dedication and cultural discernment helped make the Mixed Media section a popular and award-winning column (2014 ACP Award of Merit). And she has contributed to the magazine beyond simply the reviews,” said Chong.

A new Mixed Media editor will start March 21. Lorilee Craker, author of a dozen books and member of Madison Square CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich., brings 17 years of experience as a freelance entertainment writer for The Grand Rapids Press to the role.

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We owe Kristy and Judy a HUGE thank you for their committed and excellent service to The Banner.

They were wonderful colleagues when we worked together and I am sure that their presence will be sorely missed. I wish them God's richest blessings as take up new challenges.

Editorial question: Is the correct name of this publication "The Banner" or the "Banner"?  This article contains both iterations, and they seem to be used interchangeably on this site.  If you read this article, "The Banner" is used exclusivelyYet the masthead says "Banner", as do the mock covers.  Nothing more than a curiosity, really, but I wonder if the vacillation is purposeful?

Hi Eric, thanks for the question and curiosity. Our official name is "The Banner". The logos on the covers and masthead are simply "Banner" for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes, we resort to "Banner" as a shorthand.

Hi Chong.  Thanks for the note in response.  Makes, sense - almost like a person's formal name and an informal name or name for short.  Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!