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The Banner Takes Home Nine Associated Church Press Awards

The Banner garners awards for synod coverage, Tuned In, feature articles, design, and more.

The Banner received nine awards last week at the annual convention of the Associated Church Press (ACP) for work published in 2014, including one Award of Excellence and two Awards of Merit.

Award of Excellence

Coverage of a meeting or convention:Synod 2014,” Gayla Postma, editor
“The synod coverage here is thorough, attractive, and chock full of sagas of deliberations, facts and information. . . . The content does not shy away from controversy, which gives the stories authenticity.”

Awards of Merit

Theological seasonal article: “Leaving Home: Jesus’ Exile Experience” by Mariano Avila.
“This article imaginatively uses the short scripture references to Jesus’ exile as a springboard to the current state of exile experienced by many in the United States and around the world.”

Annual reports: The Annual Report, Henry Hess, editor; Dean Heetderks, design.
“Solid, traditional annual report. Clear graphics, clear financial information that is easy to understand. Good touches with the personal stories/impact.”

Honorable Mentions

Feature article, magazine:We Need Not Fear the Dinosaur” by Jake Buurma
“What a great and enlightening story about a challenge that will go on for decades. I loved that [the author] said, in humble truthfulness, ‘we don't know’ whether to believe science discoveries or the Bible. Great research.”

News story, magazine: It’s All About the Call” by Gayla Postma
“An upbeat and successful effort to confront a central issue facing this denomination: its culturally monochromatic heritage. From the beginning, the issue is acknowledged. Both the sources and the responses are diverse, but not saccharine.”

Department, print media:Tuned In,” Kristy Quist, editor
“These pieces are well-written and nicely constructed, and they flow very well in a conversational style. Short and to the point. Good diversity of media and subjects.”

Theological/biblical interpretation: “The Scandal of the Old Testament God” by Amanda Benckhuysen
“The author raises a question that troubles many, and she introduces it through a compelling narrative. She draws on background information as well as her clear familiarity with the biblical text to answer the question convincingly.”

Art/Design/Graphics, magazine cover:We Need Not Fear the Dinosaur,” Frank Gutbrod, designer
“Great use of neutral colors, they play well together, good balance. The layout leads viewer eyes through the page.”

Online/New Media: Publication Website:, Dean Heetderks, art director
“Excellent, simple design. Very comprehensive yet user friendly.”

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