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Teo and Emilia’s lives are forever changed the day Teo’s mother is killed when a bird strikes the stunt plane she is flying   . Their mothers have been best friends since before Teo and Emilia were born. The mothers had dreamed of moving to Ethiopia, where their children, one African-American and one Italian-American, could grow up together without fear of harm because of the color of their skin. Rhoda, Emilia’s mother, takes their children to Ethiopia, finding comfort in the open skies and the work she does flying for the local doctor and his clinic.
But Ethiopia is not the haven they originally envisioned. While Em and Teo learn to grasp the legacy of flying that all their parents have given them, they must also confront the other parts of their parents’ history. Evils from the past and the present arise to threaten their lives.  

With their adopted nation in trouble and turmoil, what can the two teens do to make a difference? Inthis young adult novel, Elizabeth Wein once again uses the framework of flying to explore unexpected corners of history and the human spirit. Ages 12 and up. (Disney Hyperion)

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