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May 22, 2015 - 

The Board of Trustees of the Christian Reformed Church elected its executive officers for the 2015/16 year. The 30-member board is binational, with 15 members from the U.S. and 15 from Canada. Both the Michigan Corporation and the Canada Corporation elect their own officers, and from those six, the binational executive is elected.

The binational executive:

President: Kathy Vandergrift Vice president: Chris Van Spronsen Vice All: Cal Hoogendoorn

Canada Corporation:

President: Kathy Vandergrift Vice President: Peter Noteboom Secretary: Mike Wevers

Michigan Corporation:

President: Chris Van Spronsen Vice President: Cal Hoogendoorn Vice All: Socorro Woodbury

The Board of Trustees conducts the governance and administrative business of the Christian Reformed Church in between the meetings of the annual synod held in June. The Board meets in February, May, and September each year.

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