Classis Niagara Meets with Local Presbytery

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The first-ever joint meeting between a Christian Reformed classis (regional group of churches) and a Presbyterian Church in Canada presbytery was held in February in Welland, Ontario.

The event celebrated the Affirmation of Relationship between the two denominations that was adopted in 2009 by the PCC General Assembly and in 2010 by the Synod of the CRC.

Classis Niagara was chosen for the meeting for geographical reasons, explained Rev. William Koopmans, the ecumenical officer for the CRC in Canada. The idea to hold a joint meeting came from a committee of CRC and PCC representatives that has a mandate to foster the ongoing relationship between the two denominations.

The agreement signed by the two churches highlights areas of commonality as well as points of difference, respective confessional backgrounds, vision for ministry in the Canadian context, as well as trends in the respective denominations.

“It was a wonderful service! It was a very fitting celebration of our unity in Christ,” Koopmans said. It is also our hope that other regions will take note of this historic event and perhaps feel enthusiasm to emulate it in their area.”

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