Bringing Faith to the Marketplace

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Every week about 40 Christian business leaders meet in small groups in offices all around the city of Abbotsford, British Columbia, to study the relevance of their faith in the marketplace.

They are led by Esther De Wolde, chief executive officer of Phantom Screens and a member of Gateway Community Christian Reformed Church in Abbotsford. The groups are part of LeaderImpact Group, a national ministry.

Business leaders meet weekly.

“There is an awesome pool of Christian business leaders out there who can reach out at work through friendship evangelism,” said De Wolde.

She explained that the discussion topics are designed so that everyone, including the unchurched, will find the meeting useful. “We start with a general topic such as leadership, decision-making, or business ethics, and then incorporate the spiritual side,” she said. “We may discuss a business book from the mainstream media that everyone is reading. But then we go beyond those topics to share our own journeys of faith, to show that we are holistic beings designed for something bigger.”

The groups meet weekly; a large group forum meets every four months. Breakfast meetings are held twice a year.

De Wolde also speaks to church groups about God’s calling in the workplace, a topic she is passionate about. She has encouraged a number of her fellow church members to join the LeaderImpact Group.

A new chapter of LeaderImpact Group will be starting soon in the Vancouver, British Columbia, area.

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Tracey Yan is the Banner's regional news correspondent for classes British Columbia North-west and British Columbia South-east.