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On Tuesday nights during Lent, a group of people gathers at Immanuel Christian Reformed Church, only to head outside again to the streets of their community. The church has committed to a Lenten Prayer Walk through their Langley (British Columbia) community, praying for leadership, businesses, and community based programs.

(L-r) Wendy Folkerts, Paul Koole, Peter Boodt, and John Folkerts gather in front of the Township of Langley Municipal Hall to offer prayers for the mayor, town council, and staff.

Photo by Trudy deVries

Participants stop to pray at places of significance—including the local hospital, police station, municipal and city halls, schools, a cemetery, and cenotaph. This year’s walk will also include stops at The Gateway of Hope, a shelter for people who are homeless, and a thrift store.

Scripture is read and prayers are offered at the chosen sites.

“Often during the season of Lent, people will make sacrifices, giving up something that is close to their heart, perhaps so that we may also understand a little better what it means to suffer,” said John Folkerts, who tries to participate each time. “It is also a good time to take up or renew a spiritual discipline or practice such as prayer or even a physical activity such as walking.”

The walk is open to all members of the congregation, adults as well as children. There have been as few as one person and as many as ten turn out.

“We have not yet advertised the walk to the church community at large here in Langley, but that could very well become a reality sometime in future years,” said Folkerts. “It would be a wonderful way to connect with Christians from all walks of life and places and be in prayer for God’s love together.”

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