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Montana School's State Champions Win Praise for Sportsmanship


When Manhattan (Montana) Christian School won its division’s state volleyball championships, the Belgrade News and the local CBS news affiliate KBZK highlighted the sportsmanship displayed by the girls.

Manhattan Christian School Girls Volleyball team

Bonnie Potts Photography

They took special note of the “honor calls” the team made. The girls would confess to violations made by their team when an official had missed it on the play.

KBZK chose Beth Bloomer as student athlete of the week for an honor call she made during a play. Coach Jill Ayers was selected as Coach of Year in Class C. The team was chosen by the Belgrade News as the “team that rose above the rest."

“We started making honor calls in 2008,” said Ayers, who attends Manhattan Christian Reformed Church. “It’s just something that we do. The girls don’t even question it, they just do it. It wasn’t until this year that we got any attention.”

The team motto is “We Play for One.” “You’re really just playing for God” said Ayers. “He’s the one who gave you the talents, the physical ability, the mental ability to play this game. It doesn’t matter if you end up being state champion or you lose out at district, as long as you’re pleasing him and playing everything for him.”

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