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Washington Church Connects with Cupcakes


He’s known as “Dan, Dan, the Cupcake Man.” Dan is Dan Houston, youth pastor of First Christian Reformed Church in Lynden, Wash.

Houston delivers cupcakes, made or purchased by church members, to young people of the church on their birthdays.

Taylor Finnson, a student at Lynden Christian High School, surrounded by friends Anna, Taylor, Eric, and Marshall, receives her birthday cupcakes.

Dan Houston

At the beginning of each school year, Houston matches a cupcake baker to one or two students. The volunteers bake or purchase cupcakes for the young people a few days before their birthdays. He also encourages the cupcake bakers to pray specifically for the students to whom they are assigned.

Houston always makes deliveries on Mondays. “I find that students need a pick-me-up on Mondays,” he said. For students who have summer birthdays, Houston makes deliveries on their half birthdays.

Houston said the purpose for this ministry is to show students that older people of First CRC care about them. He has also found it a way to meet friends of his youth group students as well as get to know staff members within the schools. He brings the office staff of each high school a fudge cake every year as a thank-you for helping him locate students.

“It’s fun, and everyone wants someone to recognize them on their special day,” Houston said.

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