CTS Creates Legacy Society

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In conjunction with Rev. Jul Medenblik’s inauguration as the seventh president of Calvin Theological Seminary, the seminary is launching its first President’s Legacy Society.

The society will be an honorary group of faithful people dedicated to bearing “fruit that will last” for future generations by including CTS in their wills or estate plans.

The society comes from the idea that each president of CTS has worked to ensure churches have trained pastors and leaders to preach and teach God’s Word.

“By the grace of God, I look forward to building on the foundation others have laid in strengthening [the seminary’s] ability to produce great preachers and great leaders who serve the church, which serves God’s mission in this world,” says Medenblik.

To learn more about the President’s Legacy Society, call 616.957.6039, or email bknoor@calvinseminary.edu.

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