Synod Assists Injured Delegate

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Elder William Karshima, Classis Southeast U.S., tore his Achilles’ tendon Tuesday night, and since he is not insured, Synod 2011 delegates took up a collection to help pay his medical bills.

Karshima was playing soccer with other delegates when “I just heard something pop,” he explained. “I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what.”

Elder William Karshima: “I just heard something pop.”

Photo: Karen Huttenga

He received emergency medical treatment Wednesday morning for the ruptured tendon. Karshima does not have health insurance and had little money to cover his medical fees.

“Ten dollars from each delegate would help with these costs,” requested Rev. Joel Boot, interim executive director of the CRC. Delegates raised a total of $2,300.

“Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support,” Karshima said to delegates Thursday morning. “I’ve seen God working through all this.”

He will be on crutches for eight weeks, and his injury may take four to six months to heal completely. “I plan to be more careful at next synod,” he added.

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Ryan Struyk was a former Banner news correspondent for classes Grand Rapids South and Thornapple Valley. 

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