Synod 2010: Young Adults to Advise Synods

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Next year young adults will not only observe synod, they will be able to speak from the floor.

Synod 2010 voted to change the role of “youth observers” to “young adult advisers.” In future years a panel of seven young people, ages 18-26, will advise synod on matters from their perspective.

“Young adults bring a valuable and unique perspective to the issues we face as a denomination and should be engaged as we deliberate regarding these issues,” Synod 2010 stated.

Young adult advisers will be able to participate in committee discussions and speak in plenary sessions, as do synod’s ethnic advisers.

“I think it’s an important step,” said Amy Vander Vliet, serving her second year as a youth observer. “Synod will be able to call on youth advisers for insight on things that would be helpful for the entire floor of synod to hear.”

The youth observer panel was begun at Synod 2009.

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Roxanne VanFarowe is a freelance writer who lives in the woods with her artist husband James and their five children in Hillsborough, North Carolina. They are members of Blacknall Presbyterian Church in Durham.