Retired Pastors Stage Unique Fashion Show

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When the saints came marching in to Raybrook Chapel at Holland Home in Grand Rapids, Mich., they were dressed for the occasion. More than 240 people packed the chapel of the retirement home to see pastors and others, most of whom are Raybrook residents and retired CRC leaders, dressed in period clothing to represent men of faith through the ages.

The fashion show, which included brief presentations, was the idea of Raybrook resident Rev. John Meppelink. “The styles change with the times in which we live, but the Word of God does not change,” Meppelink said.

Among the featured characters were Moses played by Clarence Vos, David played by Rev. Leonard Hofman, Isaiah played by Rev. Carl Kromminga Sr., John the Baptist played by Rev. Kenneth Slager, the apostle Paul played by Roger Mendricks, Rev. John Calvin played by Rev. Jake Hekman, Rev. Abraham Kuyper played by Rev. Sierd Woudstra, Rev. Albertus VanRaalte played by Rev. Bill Buursma, Rev. Henry Beets played by Rev. Harry Boonstra, and Rev. Henry Schultze, played by Meppelink. Slager played a second part as a modern-day pastor dressed casually in jeans.

 “It was a very worthwhile presentation,” said Raybrook resident Lois Hannink. “I think that everybody I talked to felt that they got quite a picture of what it would have been like to be alive at that time.”

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