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Oregon Family Inspires Unique Vacation


Skiing, swimming, or sightseeing might fit into most families’ plans for summer vacation, but one family in Tualatin, Oregon, wanted to make a mission opportunity the center of their family time away.

They persuaded their congregation, Christ Community Christian Reformed Church, to get involved too.

Eric and Marli Lintner inspired 13 people from this church of fewer than 100 members to raise funds and bring suitcases of donated items to Guatemala, where they worked with Charles and Petra Wirrell of Global Outreach Missions.

Their trip focused on assisting Charles in his role as maintenance director at the Guatemala Christian Academy, as well as reaching out to the poor and needy with Petra.

As one member of the group, Connie Runia, said, “This trip was one of supporting and working shoulder to shoulder with other Christians in their existing work—work that is continuing daily and long after our brief summer visit.”   

—Heidi Wicker

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