N.J. Church Develops Network for Single Moms

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Single working mothers found a friend in Bridgeway Community Christian Reformed Church, Haledon, N.J., this past year. The church started a network to help them with the many challenges they face.

The network was established by New Hope Community Ministries, a nonprofit organization that started out as a food pantry operating in the church’s basement. New Hope’s community coordinator, Anyelis Diaz, and food pantry director, Kim Fluit, created the network.

 Before Christmas New Hope held a dinner party. Each mom received a donated gift card to spend on herself and could sign up to be part of the formal network. The moms call each other when they need to exchange baby-sitting services, school pick-ups, or household services.

Dolores Mittiago, who attended an Alpha course at Bridgeway, said, “Even though I don’t have much money, New Hope gives me an opportunity to share myself and my knowledge. I have met other moms, hurricane survivors, and Muslim ladies who have gone through the things I have. I feel welcome, supported, and connected, and I have found my place in this community.”

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