Infant Dedication Discouraged

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Synod 2007 discouraged infant dedication and affirmed the Christian Reformed Church’s commitment to the sacrament of infant baptism.

Rather than appoint a study committee, as requested by one classis, synod asked the newly formed Faith Formation Committee to guide churches that wrestle with the issue.

“The new situation in [Christian Reformed] churches is that there are many people asking for infant dedications,” said Rev. Arthur Verboon, Classis Alberta North. “We want advice on how to deal with this reality.”

“I think this was a good decision because it reaffirmed our practice of infant baptism and because we need to restudy the matter for pastoral reasons,” said Rev. Bert Slofstra, Classis British Columbia South-East.

About the Author

Roxanne Van Farowe is a freelance writer living in North Carolina. She has reported on synod, the annual decision-making gathering of the CRC, for many years.