Dordt College Students Paint Library Time Line

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Joanne Soodsma, librarian at Sioux Center (Iowa) Christian School, dreamed of a time line in her library. Students in a painting class at Dordt College, also in Sioux Center, made that dream a reality.

The brightly colored mural, 68 feet long and 5 feet high (about 20 x 1.5 meters), depicts historical events including Moses in Egypt, first-century Rome, the Holocaust, New York City’s twin towers, the school’s 100th anniversary, and the New Creation.

The mural was designed by Dordt student Lindsey Shearer, and each of the 16 class members contributed about 15 hours to the project last fall. “We’re using it all the time,” said Soodsma. One student expressed amazement to learn that his school was around even before the two world wars.

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