Today Daily Devotional Podcast and Our Daily Bread Podcast by ReFrame Ministries and Our Daily Bread Ministries

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The Word of God is life-changing. For several decades, two ministries have sought to connect people with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible, and a key part of that work includes daily devotional series. Now both of these organizations each produce a podcast that makes the Word even more accessible for their audiences.

ReFrame Ministries recently launched the Today Daily Devotional podcast to help God’s people refresh, refocus, and renew their faith. In a two-minute time frame, each episode relays that day’s scripture reading and written devotional. Every episode also concludes with a brief prayer that calls on God to instill wisdom and action. Overall, the Today Daily Devotional podcast serves as an opportunity for meaningful reflection and drawing closer to God.

The Our Daily Bread podcast complements Our Daily Bread Ministries’ daily devotionals as an audio version of each day’s message as well. Every episode is less than five minutes and features the short devotional—usually involving a personal story or narrative—accompanied by the Scripture reading. Closing out each segment is a moment of prayer that encourages listeners to draw closer to God. This is a show that’s all about practical application of God’s truth.

In today’s digital age, daily devotional podcasts are a convenient yet meaningful way to engage with Scripture. These shows do an excellent job of cultivating an awareness of God’s Word in everyday life, and the significance is not lost in the simplicity. Like other aspects of these ministries’ visions and missions, the Bible becomes accessible and understandable for anyone with a listening ear. 

Episodes of the Today Daily Devotional podcast and the Our Daily Bread podcast are available for streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other other podcast platforms.

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