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Have you ever wondered which actors, celebrities, or fictional characters you would cast in the roles of biblical figures? Some of the many options suggested by the podcast hosts of The Bible Binge include Danny DeVito as Zacchaeus, Viola Davis as Mary, and Alex Trebek as Ananias. This playful, pop culture-informed exercise is just one example of how this podcast inventively explores scriptural stories.

With comedic flair and informal perceptiveness, Jamie Golden, Knox McCoy, and Erin Moon guide listeners through biblical topics in a format more similar to a television episode recap than a traditional commentary or sermon. They anticipate that listeners might respond in different ways to their approach and always begin with a disclaimer noting that it is “meant to be more casual—not out of disrespect, but in an effort to better understand the story.” While some might describe their tone as unconventional or bold, this disclaimer and similar asides in various episodes suggest that it is not their intention to mock or diminish Scripture.

In addition to discussing both prominent and lesser known biblical figures, The Bible Binge tackles a variety of topics related to a Christian culture—or, at the very least, those that the hosts describe as “faith-adjacent.” The smorgasbord of subjects is itself unique and impressive. Recent episodes have discussed the prosperity gospel, the Enneagram, heaven, communion, Marvel superhero movies, vacation Bible school, and aliens. Some episodes are part of an ongoing themed series and some are one-offs or part of a limited series.

Each episode has its snarky, light-hearted moments—yet the commentary is not merely surface level; there’s serious depth of theological scholarship, too. Erin serves as the “resident Bible scholar,” offering an accountability segment called the “Gentle Rebuke” that checks the conversations for “inadvertent sacrilege or elements that have been misinterpreted or misrepresented.” The hosts remind themselves and listeners that context is crucial and caution against cherry-picking verses for meaning.

The Bible Binge does not shy away from biblical figures with troubling tales, such as Lot’s wife, Job, Judas, and Jael. No matter who they are discussing, the hosts include a “So What, Who Cares?” segment where they offer up insights and questions sparked by engaging with the text. This allows them to go beyond simplistic or idealistic moral lessons. For example, in the episode about Hannah—whose heartbroken prayer for a child was answered—they discuss how God is not afraid of anger and anguish and they reflect on how life is not merely tidy and triumphant but also messy and tragic.

All of the hosts come to the conversations with their own backgrounds and journeys of faith. In addition to quick wit, they share a passionate appreciation for the formative power of God’s Word, even, and especially, when it is mysterious and strange. Even their use of humor can be interpreted as a method of honoring the complexity of the Christian life.

If you are looking for a refreshing way to be spiritually edified and meaningfully entertained, give The Bible Binge a try. There’s a wide selection of episodes dating back to 2018 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other popular platforms—so you have more than enough to binge.

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