Tech Less and Talk More: A Review of The Rank Game

Tech Less and Talk More: A Review of The Rank Game
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Families and friends looking to build connections and have fun in the process need look no further than The Rank Game, a new game created by Chip and Dana Brown. The West Michigan couple’s motto of “tech less and talk more” is brought to life in this entertaining new game.

The Rank Game features cards listing four items to be ranked in order of preference by a Ranker. Guessers use a score sheet to record their guesses as to the Ranker’s order, getting a point for each correct answer. For example, one card says Bugs Bunny, Flintstones, Road Runner, and Sylvester & Tweety, so the Ranker ranks from most to least which classic cartoon he or she likes, with Guessers trying to predict correctly. A new Ranker ranks for the next round, through ten rounds.

“We wanted to create something that appeals to a person’s sense of fun and sense of belonging,” said Chip Brown. “Within a few rounds, you find that you are building relationships.”

The idea for the game came two decades ago as the Browns stood in line waiting for a museum to open. To pass the time, they asked their friends to rank their four favorite classic rock bands. From there the lists of things to rank grew, until the Browns began to think about a game. Each of them worked at one time for Disney, with experiences that affected the design and the interactive strength of the game.

“We put structure around those questions, created a wide variety of categories, play-tested it extensively, and the result is a game that takes little to no instruction and is something everyone can enjoy today,” Chip Brown said.

The main game includes cards on a variety of topics, scoring sheets, and several blank cards to create specialized lists. There are 11 expansion packs on topics such as Culture Vulture, The Faith Pack, Relationship Goals, and Sports & Outdoors. The main game costs $30; expansion packs are $15 apiece.

The Rank Game, available for purchase at, was a great way to get the people at my house talking, debating, and laughing. It offered my family hours of good fun and great discussion, and it truly prompted “tech less and talk more.”

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