Come to Me by Wendell Kimbrough

Come to Me
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Wendell Kimbrough is a worship leader and songwriter from Fairhope, Alabama. As part of his work there, the congregation asked Kimbrough to write a song for each week’s psalm. Ten of the best of these were released in Psalms We Sing Together in 2016. Now, two years later, Kimbrough gives us a dozen more in the excellent album Come to Me. In this collection, Kimbrough encounters many of the psalms of lament.

These psalms remind us that God hears our sorrows and our questions, and Kimbrough does not shy away from hard questions. His setting of Psalm 83, “O God, Do Not Be Silent,” for example, starkly shows how we struggle with understanding how tragedies can occur.

Kimbrough’s songs have simple enough melodies that they can be quickly learned by a congregation and the lyrics come almost directly from the Psalms. This album (and his earlier Psalms album) is not only good to listen to on a personal level but includes many songs that will be useful in worship. Highly recommended.

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