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The world is full of things to discover. All you have to do is look and listen! Next time you’re bored, go on one of these “hunts” with your friends or family.
Alphabet Hunt

Sometimes things in nature look like letters of the alphabet. For example, many twigs and tree trunks are shaped like a “Y.” If you look carefully, you can find lots of different letter shapes in nature.

Take a cell phone or camera outside on a nice day. Look at plants and trees through the viewfinder to find letter shapes. Take pictures of the letters you discover. Go hunting with a friend or with your family and see if you can find all 26 letters of the alphabet!

Nature Hunt

If you’re taking a trip to a park or a forest, plan a nature scavenger hunt! First, make a list of things you might find. Your list could include things like these:

  • A bird
  • An animal
  • Something red
  • A yellow flower
  • A bug
  • A spiderweb
  • A bumpy rock
  • A squirrel

Before you go, print one copy of your list for each person. Then see who can find all the things on the list. Check them off with a pencil or take a picture of them with a camera.

Sound Hunt

Not close to a park or forest? This is a great hunt to do in a city. Grab a friend or family member and find a comfortable place to sit. Then make a list of all the sounds you hear. The quieter you are, the more sounds you will discover. Listen for things like these:

  • dog barking
  • bird singing
  • phone ringing
  • person talking
  • door shutting
  • siren
  • wind blowing
  • car starting
  • music playing

Whenever you hear a sound, write it down. After 15 minutes, compare lists. Who discovered the most sounds? What was the most interesting sound you heard?

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