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All Creatures, the new album from Rain for Roots, a group of women who write and sing songs for children, is a delight from start to finish. As the title suggests, many of these songs have themes about animals. It opens with a new setting of the hymn “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” Combined with the next song, “Hallelujah (Psalm 148),” we see the two themes of this album—nature and the Psalms.

Some of the Psalm references are listed with the song titles, as in the above-mentioned Psalm 148, and in “The Heavens are Telling (Psalm 19).” Others are less obvious. “Tell Me,” for example, has echoes of Psalm 139 while “Listen, Listen” reflects Psalm 107. They have also included songs, such as “Afraid of the Dark” and “Bird Song,” that are inspired by the Psalms and nature and speak to the hearts of children. You’ll soon find yourself singing along to almost all of these songs.

That’s the real strength of this album; it combines thoughtful arrangements with rich texts and simple melodies. Rain for Roots has once again given us an album that can be treasured by children and adults. (Rain for Roots)

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