The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This by Rain for Roots

Rain for Roots, the quartet of young women who made the delightful album Big Stories for Little Ones in 2012, are back with their second collection of Bible stories set to music for children. The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This opens with an invitation to listen (“Open Our Eyes”), followed by eight songs based on Jesus’ parables. In “Do Not Worry,” for example, Ellie Holcomb sings, “Don’t you worry cause you’re in the hands of the God who made everything” as she relates Jesus’ teaching about the birds and the flowers.

While their first album was aimed at preschoolers, it sounds like this album was created with slightly older children in mind. Perhaps this reflects the growing families of the four artists who make up Rain for Roots. One thing is unchanged, though—these songs beautifully convey truths of Scripture in a way that is theologically sound but simple enough to speak powerfully to children. Adults will enjoy it too!


About the Author

Robert J. Keeley is professor of education at Calvin College and director of distance learning at Calvin Seminary.