You & a Bike & a Road by Eleanor Davis

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Eleanor Davis is a comic artist who enjoys cycling. She challenged herself to ride a bike from her parents’ home in Tucson, Ariz., to her home in Georgia, a trip of 1,800 miles.

You & a Bike & a Road is the diary of her cross-country bike tour. She deftly captures the scrubby brush, open landscapes, and roadsides with her rough pencil sketches. Along the way she creates quick portraits of the people she encounters. Her drawings convey the force of the wind and the impact of the long ride upon her body.

Readers are connected to her experiences on the road and the feeling of riding a bike day after day. She honestly portrays her anxieties, joys, and fears as well as the confusing situations in which she finds herself, from ghost towns to border patrols. This understated graphic memoir provides the reader with the chance to join Eleanor on her journey. (Koyama Press)

About the Author

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