Keeping Faith in Fundraising by Peter Harris and Rod Wilson

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Peter Harris and Rod Wilson are friends. They share a lifetime of stories and experiences with fundraising for organizations that each of them are committed to and have a passion for. Harris and his wife, Miranda, devoted most of their adult life to ARocha, an international Christian conservation organization they helped create early on in their marriage. Wilson served as president of Regent College in Vancouver, B.C., for 15 years and has been immersed in the task of raising funds in various contexts for most of his life.

The authors begin by grounding their work in Scripture, particularly 2 Corinthians 8 and 9. Drawing on the context of the early church community, they identify the need for integrating a Christ-like posture that begins with grace, is all gift, and results in generosity out of a deep sense of gratitude.

What follows deals with seven themes of fundraising: integration, people, work, success, need, method, and, finally, money. The authors connect each of these to a New Testament understanding of living together in a community where the gifts of the body are shared for the well-being of all.

The book ends with personal stories from Harris and Wilson. Each looks at his own childhood experiences and understandings around tithing and money, which shaped them as adults and prepared them for the work they found themselves engaged in. Both acknowledge the discomfort that can be part of fundraising if one does not have a clear sense of purpose and genuine care for the community.

Keeping Faith in Fundraising is an excellent resource for faith-based organizations to use as a study guide or for a group or board training resource. It serves as a great companion to Henry Nouwen’s 2010 book, A Spirituality of Fundraising. (Eerdmans)

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