The Pug List by Alison Hodgson

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When an arsonist sets fire to Alison Hodgson’s house, the author and her family don’t know if they will ever feel at home again, even though they rebuild in the same spot. The trauma and vulnerability linger long after the ashes have gone cold, and their new house feels like a new shoe—foreign and uncomfortable. Insurance battles rage on and are harder to cope with than the fire itself.

Daughter Eden, 7, campaigns for a pug—the dog of her dreams. Hodgson and her husband cave in, only to find out that sneezing, incontinent Oliver is the somehow the answer to their prayers, the key to finding home and belonging once again. Anyone who has suffered devastation and loss, or loved an animal with their whole heart, will find a kindred soul in Alison, her family, and Oliver the Pug too in The Pug List. (Zondervan)

About the Author

Lorilee Craker, a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., in a 1924 house full of teenagers, pets, exchange students, and houseplants. The author of 15 books, including Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me, she is the Mixed Media editor of The Banner. Find her at or on Instagram @thebooksellersdaughter.

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The other side of the coin . . . Americans have trouble differenting between children, pets, and food.