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When Freddy Mendez was growing up in the church in Nicaragua, he heard more sermons, messages, and other lessons than he could count, he said. Still, he doesn’t remember a single one that talked about why God created business or money.

“What I can remember are phrases such as ‘Businesses are not from God, they are from the world’; ‘You cannot serve God and at the same time have money’; and ‘God does not love the rich.’”

For this reason, Freddy grew up believing that Christians are not called to take part in business. Many other Christians in his area had the same understanding.

Today Freddy sees business in a much different light. He even leads others to start their own businesses through his work at the Nehemiah Center—a transformation center that began with the collaboration of Christian Reformed World Missions, World Renew, and other organizations.

One of the Nehemiah Center’s many programs seeks to demonstrate how God can use businesses to further his kingdom. Participants in the Kingdom Business Program study values like integrity and stewardship and learn how to apply these values to their own businesses.

Through the Kingdom Business Program, God has shown Freddy that businesses are an important part of his kingdom.

“The program is helping participants understand that business is part of God’s plan and should also serve the kingdom of God,” said Freddy.

Freddy visited business owners in nearby cities and heard their stories of how the Nehemiah Center had helped them start their businesses, which in turn are transforming their communities.

“One of the first things that God reaffirmed in my life is that everything belongs to him,” added Freddy.

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