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Reader-Submitted Review: Good News for Science: Why Scientific Minds Need God by Davis A. Young

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Davis Young wrote this book in his usual thorough way. It does an excellent job of building a strong case for the existence of God and of arguing that matter is not eternal and the universe did not create itself. He also provides a good summary of the Bible (no small feat!) and the essence of the Christian faith.

As is typical of his books, Young quotes frequently from appropriate literature, such as using the work of Middle East scholars to refute “minimalists” who deny that there is historical evidence for the Old Testament events. He also cites the statements of atheists and agnostics, pointing out their fallacies.

He shows a delightful sense of humor. One prime example is the way he describes the way some criticize God for being the most politically-incorrect being imaginable, drolly observing that God just doesn't come down to the standards of his detractors.

Written for agnostic and atheist readers who are interested or involved in science, the book would be useful to any Christian who would like to be prepared to discuss God with unbelievers. (Malius Press)


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