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Reader-Submitted Review: Economic Shalom: A Reformed Primer on Faith, Work, and Human Flourishing by John Bolt

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I highly recommend thisvery well-written, relatively short book. It is big on substance—a must-read for anyone interested in "social justice" or what Scripture has to say (and not say) about economic matters and helping the poor.

What is particularly refreshing is that Bolt doesn't glibly repeat the platitudes and clichés too commonly used these days by many who tout "social justice" but struggle to even define it. Indeed, Bolt provides the kind of intelligent critique of today's social justice movement one might expect from a Calvin Theological Seminary professor who is serious about his Reformed theological perspective and wants to explore, mostly from the theology side of the fence, the intersection between the studies of Scripture and political economics. The delightful bonus is observing how astute Bolt, a professional theologian, has become in the areas of economics and political economics. (Christian’s Library Press)


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