Reader-Submitted Review: Be Still and Know by Lois Hoogeveen

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When Jim Hoogeveen was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he and his wife, Lois, turned to a practice they had found helpful in the past—breath prayers. Choosing a particular word or phrase from an appropriate passage of Scripture and repeating it—breathing it—throughout the day helped them to experience God’s presence in the midst of pain and struggle.

Be Still and Know is a collection of 52 prayers that chronicle Lois’s journey through the first year following Jim’s death. Although Hoogeveen shares her personal journey through the illness and death of a beloved spouse, anyone suffering loss will find both the technique of breath praying and this selection of prayers helpful. Whether your loss is a broken marriage, wayward children, chronic illness, long-term unemployment, or other unfulfilled dreams, I recommend Be Still and Know as balm for the troubled soul. (WestBow Press)

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