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Every so often the stacks of books that come through the office start to tip perilously, and there’s no way to review them all. Still, we want to point some of them out for our readers who might be interested. Take a look to see if any of these books are for you.

A Faithful Farewell: Living Your Last Chapter with Love

by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
Fifty-two meditations, each including a prayer, touch on different aspects of terminal illness. McEntyre helps readers reflect on the spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges of living with impending death. (Eerdmans) 

Guaranteed Pure: The Moody Bible Institute, Business, and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism

by Timothy E. W. Gloege
Dwight L. Moody became an integral part of the fundamentalist movement. According to Gloege, Moody, under the guidance of successful businessman Henry Crowell, applied business and marketing techniques to the promotion of Moody Bible Institute, a strategy that has had long-term effects on the American church. (University of North Carolina Press)

Knowledge and Christian Belief

by Alvin Plantinga
A shorter take on Plantinga’s book Warranted Christian Belief, this more accessible version lays out the CRC philosopher’s argument for a rational Christian belief in answer to the New Atheists and their philosophies.  (Eerdmans) 

Naked and Unashamed

by Rob Toornstra
In this book, CRC pastor Rob Toornstra explores the church’s need to promote a Christian theology of sex. He encourages Christians to examine sexuality and sexual intimacy in the light of Scripture rather than wrapping it in guilt and shame. (Doulos Resources) 

A Naked Tree: Love Sonnets to C.S. Lewis and Other Poems

by Joy Davidman, edited by Don W. King
This hefty collection of poems includes previously published poems as well as more than 200 poems that were never published and were rediscovered in 2010. Fans of both poetry and C.S. Lewis will enjoy digging in. (Eerdmans) 

This Poison Called Depression

by Larry E. Van Essen
CRC pastor Van Essen has suffered several bouts of major depression in his lifetime. His experiences led him to write this slim discussion guide addressing various aspects of depression: its effects on those who suffer depression, treatment options, and the role of Scripture and worship in healing. (Inspiring Voices)

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